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Dollop | Uses
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Sometimes food needs to be fried in a very hot pan. When frying in a hot pan, it’s important to use a fat with a very high smoke point that can withstand this heat. Ghee has a smoke point of 252⁰c (in comparison, butter = 177⁰c, Extra Virgin Olive Oil = 191⁰c, Coconut Oil = 232⁰c) Add a dollop of ghee to a very hot pan when making searing steaks, sautéing vegetables or why not try:


Melt a dollop of ghee in a hot pan. You need the pan to be hot enough to crisp up the edges of the white without cooking the yolk. Crack in your egg & allow the egg to just sit, bubble & pop in the ghee until the edges have become golden & crispy.. it takes no time at all so watch it like a hawk.

When frying in a hot pan, it’s important to use a fat with a very high smoke point that can withstand the heat. Also, using ghee gives your egg such a buttery, indulgent flavour.




We love roasting food – simple cooking with delicious results. Ghee has a deeply buttery taste & aroma, with nutty & toasty flavours. Using ghee brings a real depth of flavour to food when roasting. Using ghee also boosts the healthy fat content of your meal. Did you know that ghee is a vitamin-rich fat that is said to promote good gut health? In fact, ghee has been used for thousands of years as a staple component of Ayurvedic medicine. We always use ghee when roasting chicken or vegetables & when baking fish, or why not try:


If you imagine fondant potato-meets-roast potato. These potatoes are crispy yet sticky on the outside, fluffy & tender inside. Completely delicious. Ghee is the ideal fat to use for roast potatoes- as well as its seriously high smoke point being able to withstand the heat of the very hot oven, it makes your potatoes taste so buttery & luxurious (think about it, have you ever been tempted to eat duck fat or beef dripping straight from the jar??!)

Peel your potatoes & slice into 1.5-2inch rounds. You want a very hot oven- preheat to about 240*c. Melt a good big dollop of ghee in a baking tray, toss your potatoes in the melted ghee, season well with s&p, add some woody herbs- we love using thyme or rosemary. Arrange on the baking tray & into the oven for 15mins. Turn potatoes over, re-season & back in for a further 15mins. Pour in a cup of chicken stock mixed with a few crushed garlic cloves to the tray & back in for a final 15mins.


Frying & roasting are just two of the ways to enjoy ghee. When you fall in love with the nutty, buttery, toasty flavour of ghee, you’ll want to include it in every meal.

A dollop of ghee is also delicious spread on toast or a wee spoon stirred through a warm bowl of porridge gives your morning oats a wonderfully indulgent flavour.